Study/Student Visa is considered to be a ‘ticket to happiness’ by many worthy students who are serious about making a career abroad based on their academic acumen. Besides opening new vistas for knowledge for them, studying abroad can be a life enhancing experience for many as one gets to learn about different cultures, adapting to new styles of education and living besides, of course, making friends who are spread across the world!

However, applying for a study visa can be a long process sometimes, so make sure you start preparing well in advance – at least three to five months before your course is due to start.

VISA BUDDY, the leading immigration and student visa consultancy firm in CANADA can greatly assist you in this process. There are usually several steps to apply for a study permit in Canada. So it’s important to consult the experts before you apply.

Besides doing complete research for you based on your academic and financial background, our highly experienced faculty guides you as to how to crack exams like IELTS. We also offer full assistance with documentation and provide on-time delivery and regular process updates. Our prompt support services ensure that a student’s mind is taken off from the procedural complications so that he or she can focus more on studying and planning career abroad.

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