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Canada Permanent Residence Visa Fees

Canada immigration is one the economical and inexpensive immigration process in comparison to other countries immigration programs. Initial phase can be started without paying any cost, just only paying for the cost of document procurement. There are certain costs that are needed to be paid in getting the permanent residence visa in Canada. One of the major advantage of Canadian immigration program is that you have to pay only when you are selected. If applying through express entry program there is no cost involved.

Some provincial nomination program do charge some amount in the immigration process. Taking a rough estimate the entire process may cost around 1700 to 1800 CAD. There needs to be certain amount to be submitted if you are travelling with your family members. There is limit of 10,000 CAD that you can carry into Canada with you in form of Cash, Cheque or bank deposits that needs to be declared at the time of immigration.

Canadian Immigration Processing Fees:

Every category in immigration process has their own different processing fees depending on the applicant which they have opted forSome major categories are as follows:

1. Federal Skilled Workers Program(FSWP):

  • For Primary Applicant : 550$ CAD
  • For Secondary Candidates(Spouse/Common-law partner): 550$ CAD
  • For Children(below 22 years of age): 150$ CAD each

2. Quebec Skilled Workers Program(QSWP):

  • For Primary Applicant : 785$ CAD
  • For Secondary Candidates(Spouse/Common-law partner): 168$ CAD
  • For Children(below 22 years of age): 168$ CAD

3. Provincial Nominee Program(PNP):

It depends on the province you are nominated for but it’s a general idea of funds that are minimum required by all the provinces.

  • For Primary Applicant: 550$ CAD
  • For Secondary Candidates(Spouse/Common-law partner): 550$ CAD
  • For Children(below 22 years of age): 150$ CAD

4. Ontario Immigration Nominee Program(OINP):

Estimate charge under this program is around 1500$ CAD for those who have interest in moving to Ontario province. This fees includes the estimate of key charges involved and the process of getting the necessary documents together.

5. Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Program(SINP):

Estimate charge under this program is around 300$ CAD for those who have interest in moving to Saskatchewan province

Other charges Included In Immigration Process

Various other charges are included in the immigration process are as follows:

Right To Permanent Residence Fee(RPRF): Fees that is to be paid at the time of candidate arrival in Canada and this need to be paid to the CIC before the permanent residence(PR) fee is issued to the candidate. Average fees that is charged under this category is around 490$ CAD.

Travelling Costs: This expenditure depends upon the number of members are travelling with you to Canada.

IELTS Exam Cost: This exam is for proving the language proficiency in English which is required by the IRCC. The present cost of exam is around Rs. 12,000.

Education Credential Assessment(ECA): This assessment is required by the IRCC for those applicants that have completed their education qualification outside Canada. This assessment implies that the education applicant has pursued is equal to Canadian education. Cost of acquiring this certificate is around 200$ CAD.

Passport Cost: This expenditure depends upon the number of members are travelling with you to Canada. The average cost of issuing a passport is around 20$ CAD.

Medical Examination: It is a mandatory examination that one have to take before travelling to Canada. The average cost of examination is around 250$ CAD.

Totalling the total expense it comes equals to 1700$ to 1800$ CAD. Filling your application with your own and getting it rejected can increase the cost of your immigration process. This is where immigration consultant comes in to help you in your immigration process.

Proof Of Funds

Proof of funds is required to show that an applicant will be able to survive and settle in Canada without being of any burden to the province. If applicant is travelling with the family they also have to show the proof of funds for them also for their survival in the country. The cases under which you have to prove that you have funds available are as follows:

  • If you have a valid job offer.
  • Authorised to work in country.
  • Meeting the requirements of CIC.

The proof of funds are certain documents are required that can prove that you have enough funds available. Some of these documents are:

  • Bank Account details – which would include date of opening of each account, the current balance in each bank account and average balance in the last six months in each account.
  • List of outstanding loans
  • Credit card statements

Money required depends upon the size of the your family you are travelling with. Following table shows the corresponding amount needed for the respective number of family members:

Number of Family MembersFunds Required(in Canadian Dollars)
For each additional family member$3,361

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