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Provincial Nominee Program

PNP Visa Program

Each Province and Territory has their own nomination program in Canada with their own specific eligibility criteria and particular skill-set they need except Quebec. Province can invite any candidate from the Express pool matching their criteria like the precise skills, work experience and knowledge they needed in their Province or Territory. Each Canadian (PNP) has its own criteria, guidelines, as well as province specific “streams” which are individual immigration program targeting specific demographic of skilled workers, students, and business professionals. Express Entry Program is the fastest way for a PNP candidate to process their application. If you want to know more about which Province or Territory will be easiest for you and want proper advice and consultation here in Visabudy Best immigration Consultant you will be given advices from the experienced immigration consultants.

Provincial Nominee Program with Express Entry Program

When you are creating your Express Profile you have to mention the Canadian Province or Territory, you want yourself to be nominated. Instead of waiting for Province or Territory to nominate you, you can directly apply for their nomination by the various “streams”. Applying through the method of Express Entry Program for your Provincial Nomination is the fastest way for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa. When you get Nomination from any of the Province or Territory you get bonus points(600 points) which increases your ranking in Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System. With better ranking in Express Pool your chance of getting Invitation To Apply(ITA) for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa also increases. With the help of an immigration consultant lawyer(provided by Visabudy Best Immigration Consultant), they will help you in which province you have to apply for nomination based on your skill set, education and work experience and will even factor in the province’s target number of nominations for each category when identifying which ones offer you the best opportunity for success.

Eligibility Criteria for Provincial Nominee Program

As you know each and every province or territory has their own requirement and criteria for them to nominate to any candidate based on their skill set, work experience and knowledge. But there are minimum requirements that needs to be fulfilled whether you are applying for nomination in any of the provinces:

  1. Candidate needs to be minimum of 21 years of age at the time of applying for the nominations.
  2. Candidates needs to score the minimum clearance score in point assessment grid.
  3. Candidates occupation must be in in category designated by NOC.
  4. Candidates must have minimum work experience needed for the nominations.
  5. Candidates must also have proven their language proficiency and have maintained the level in CLB according to their province’s requirement.

Documents Requirements for Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) requires documentation to be submitted separately from your express profile. Documents can also varies from province to province but minimum required documents are as follows that are needed mainly by all the provinces :

  1. A signed declaration form by principal applicant and family members and additional declaration forms signed by dependants.
  2. Work experience letter, educational certifications, identity proofs etc.
  3. Documents related to applicants family members.
  4. Travelling documents(Passport,Visa).
  5. Language Proficiency Test documents.
  6. Police clearance certificates
  7. Health related certificates
  8. Recent photographs.

Canada Provincial Nominee Program List:

  1. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program.
  2. Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program
  3. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program
  4. Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program.
  5. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program
  6. New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program. 
  7. Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program. 
  8. Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program. 
  9. Newfoundland Provincial Nominee Program. 

Some major and famous of provincial nominee program are:

  1. Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program(OINP): Express Entry – Human Capital Priorities(HCP) is largely popular among the applicants.
  2. Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program(SINP).
  3. Nova Scotia Nominee Program(NSNP).
  4. British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program(BCPNP).

OINP invites applicant with 400 points while SINP has low IELTS score requirement. Both of these program(OINP & SINP) does not require job offers and both have relatively low IELTS score requirements.

IELTS componentsOINP(Ontario)SINP(Saskatchewan)

How to get Nomination For Express Entry Provincial Program

Mainly there are two ways to get the nomination for Provincial Nomination Program:

  1. Candidate to directly contact a Canada’s Province Nomination Program and apply through its Express Entry Program. If their application is selected then have to create their express entry profile and accept their nomination electronically through their MyCIC account.
  2. Create your express entry profile which shows provinces or territory where you want to live or work. If interest is shown by any one of these provinces than you can apply under their express entry stream, and if successful you can apply for your nomination through your MyCIC account.

If you are nominated by a province, you can not just stay permanently in Canada. For permanent residence in Canada, you need to have a valid work permit. Until a candidate is issued a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa, he/she cannot preside in Canada unless they are given legal working status from Citizenship & Immigration Canada(CIC).

Unique Features of Provincial Nominee Program

Provincial Nominee Program(PNP) are designed in such a way that they suits each provinces economic and social requirements. The following are the distinguishing features of provincial nominee program:

  • Custom immigration:

PNP offers custom immigration meaning that you can directly apply to the province you want to live in.

  • Point-Based Assessment:

PNP use a downward scaling system where points are allocated according to candidate’s desirability. Point system is very similar to express entry point system but it differs in the assessment are either out of 100 or 1200 points. There are also point awarded region by region. If you want to settle in a high point area you will be getting more points and vice-versa. There are also some provinces like Manitoba where they deducts points if you have work experience from any other provinces.

  • NOC Selection:

This is the most unique feature on provincial nominee program. Final decision in each PNP is made on basis of economic viability of the candidate. Viability is checked through National Occupation Classification(NOC) where jobs are listed in various skill levels. As long as there is a job vacancy in the province for which you qualify, you can migrate there without needing a valid job offer.

Benefits of Provincial Nominee Program

Privileges which you get from PNP program are as follows:

  1. Can choose your desired province to settle in.
  2. Can apply for PNP without job offers.
  3. Study and work anywhere in Canada.
  4. Get protection under Canadian Law.
  5. Avail social and family security services.
  6. Sponsor your partner/spouse, child, parent and other relatives.
  7. Can apply for Permanent Canadian citizenship.

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