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Canada is one of the most sought after countries for Permanent Residence(PR). Many of the immigrants aspires to have a Canada PR visa (permanent residence). For the same, The Citizenship & Immigration Canada(CIC) has launched approximately 60 immigration programs like Federal Skilled Worker, Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades etc under Canada Express Entry Programs. Launching these immigration programs helps in increasing skilled labour in the country.

Express Entry Program is one of the immigration program launched by the Canadian government in January, 2015. For anyone applying for Canada PR Visa, first of all an Canada Express Entry Profile will be created.

After creating the profile, it will be added in Express Entry pool where all the profiles will be ranked based on the points scored in Comprehensive Ranking System(CRS) where are scored are biased on age, education, skills, work experience, language ability etc. Profiles will be then selected based on their rankings for to apply to immigrate for permanent residence in Canada. A selected profile is called by Citizenship & Immigration Canada(CIC) for applying a Canadian immigration on basis via official rounds of invitations.

CRS then will the Express Profile and rank them basis on various factors aforementioned. There are also other factors that influences these rankings. Provinces, Territories and eligible employers can also pick directly from these Express Entry pool and the profile that gets any job offers are awarded with significant number giving to boost their ranking in the Pool. You can also increase your chances for getting selected by consulting a Canadian Immigration lawyer(provided by Visabuddy Best Canada Visa Consultants who can help to plan the whole thing inside out.

Now, let us discuss about the basics of immigration and permanent residence.

What is Permanent Residence in Canada means?

A Canada PR visa will allow you to reside and work anywhere in Canada. Talking about the rights of Canada PR visa, except some exceptions for immigrants which require higher security level all the rights are equal with that of any Canadian citizen. If you are moving in-out of the country you will be needed to show your PR visa at the time of entering or exiting the country.

There are some benefits you get when you have a Canada PR visa and they are as follows:

  1. After 3 years of working in Canada, you can apply for Canadian Citizenship.
  2. Health care benefits.
  3. Low tax rate system
  4. You can also sponsor your relatives in your PR visa.

Various methods to get a Canada PR Visa:

There are more than 60 programs to get a Canada PR visa. One of the major and efficient program is  Canada Express Entry Program. Any application submitted via Express Entry Program takes Six or less months to processed.

Express entry is a point-based program as discussed before and ranks are given on that basis for your selection. There are following streams in Canada Express Entry program:

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).
  2. Federal Skilled Trade Program (FSTP).
  3. Canadian Experience Class (CEC).

Canada Express Entry Program 2018

Express Entry

For entering in the program one is required to create a profile online with all the credentials required. After creating the profile, your profile is then added to the Express pool with all the other candidates profiles. If a profile is selected by the eligible employers or by Canadian Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) then the respective profile is given 600 CRS points for provincial nomination or 200 CRS for job offer. After all this process then top ranked candidates are given an Invitation To Apply (ITA) for Canada PR visa.

Step by wise step is as follows:

  1. Create an online profile by submitting their application online.
  2. All related documents should be submitted.
  3. After approval from CIC then your are given ITA.
  4. Getting ITA you can then apply for citizenship.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP):

Every Province in Canada has their own specific requirements for allowing an immigrant to live and work for example for Ontario there is a grid of 400 points while Saskatchewan has a score grid of 40 points out of 100 points. If a Province has nominated you under their Express stream, then you have to update it in your Express profile in order to get extra point in the ranking system. For confirming your PNP follow these steps:

  1. In your Express profile go to “application details” and then select “nomination and selection”.
  2. Where it is asking for a Canada PNP Express Entry nomination, check “yes”.
  3. Select the Province or territory that has nominated you. Update your profile.
  4. Provide your Job Seeker Validation Code and Express Entry Profile number to your selected province.
  5. This information then after will be given to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for confirmation by the province. After confirmation, you will be given MyCIC message.
  6. Clicking “accept” will update 600 CRS to your Express Profile. You have maximum 30 days to accept the PNP nomination before it expires.

Nomination obtained through the traditional paper-based process known as base nominations, will not be processed through Canada Express Entry program. Some questions related to PNP asked are as follows:

Does Notification of Interest (NOI) counts as Nomination?

If you are given a Notification of Interest (NOI) by any province that will not be counted as Nomination for your Express profile. NOI are not counted in Canada Express Entry Program.

Can Have Nominations form several Provinces?

A candidate can only have single PNP nomination in Express Program. If you have several PNP nomination, then you have to decline the original PNP nomination and select the one that  you want to reflect in your Express profile.

Documents required for Immigration:

Following are the documents that are must to have when you are applying for Canada PR visa:

  1. Applicant’s Photograph.
  2. Medical Certificate.
  3. Education Credential Assessment (ECA).
  4. Police clearance certificate.
  5. Letter of recommendation. (Work Experience Credentials)
  6. Proof of Funds(For FSW).

Things to take care of in your application for Canada PR Visa

  1. Proof of settlement funds may be required by applicants without LMVIA-validated job offer. If applying through FSWP applicants will need to show settlements funds as part of their application. Proof for settlements funds may take the form of a letter from the bank, confirming your account balance.
  2. Exact dates are now required for Personal History, Address and Travel History sections. In the new electronic applications, IRCC is now asking applicants to provide dates in a YYYY-MM-DD format.
  3. “Job offer” means Valid Job Offer. “Valid Job Offer” means that the job offer has been validated by Service Canada and that the candidate may obtain additional CRS point not like IEC Working Holidays Visas.
  4. Everything carries over from Express Profile. All the things that you mentioned in your Express profile is carried over to your permanent residence visa. So, before entering the details you should double check them.
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