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Nova Scotia PNP Process

Nova Scotia composes of Nova Scotia peninsula, Cape Breton islands, and thousand of smaller islands in east part of the country. Location of Nova Scotia along the Atlantic Ocean means that its lifestyle has a deep root in their history also. Province is famous for its vast coastline and its delicious seafood. Now, easiest way for one to immigrate to Nova Scotia is by express entry provincial program.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program(NS PNP)

NSNP is the immigration program that allows the officials to choose from the qualified candidates based on their skill sets that are required for the development of the province. There are two ways a candidate can acquire a Nova Scotia PNP nomination certificate. There are two ways to apply for permanent residence, firstly is directly contacting the province(Immigration Nova Scotia) via provincial nomination outside express entry. If given the nomination, candidate can create express profile and Nova Scotia nomination to their profile.

Second way is via applying through express entry program. After creating your profile, candidates can express their interest in the Nova Scotia provincial nomination. If Nova Scotia PNP contacts the candidates and invites him or her to formally invite to apply for the permanent residence, then applicant can transfer the Nova Scotia provincial nomination certificate to his or her express profile and can instantly get 600 points in CRS increasing chances definitely for getting the ITA in next draw. Express entry speeds up the Nova Scotia immigration process significantly, with most applicants being processed in less than in 6 months. Visabuddy can help candidates apply directly to Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee Program, and if nominated we can prepare and submit your application for Canadian Permanent Residence Program.

Nova Scotia Provincial Nominee objective is simple to provide eligible immigrants a way to settle in the province with their family. When your application is accepted into Nova Scotia program, you are set on a fast track to Canada Permanent Residence Visa status and will process within 6 months via new Canadian Express Entry program. Now, there are various streams in the Nova Scotia PNP program some new one’s are added like Entrepreneur Stream and old one’s are closed down like Non-Dependant Child of Nova-Scotia Nominees Stream and the Agri-Food Sector stream. It is important to notice that Nova Scotia is coming up with new streams for the immigration program to facilitate more skilled immigrants to apply for the program.

Each of the nominee stream has their own set of rules and requirements on who can qualify them. Nova Scotia PNP program provides opportunities to qualified immigrants and also contribute to the economy of the province. Now, some of the major streams in the immigration program are as follows:

Came into effect as January 1,2015 it is one of the newest entry in the program. This stream is designed for highly skilled individuals that have a post-secondary education and other qualifications that will help them successfully settle in province.

In order to qualify for this stream, you must attain a score of 67/100 on a point grid measuring:

Work experience15
Language ability(English or French)28
Employment Prospects10

There are total 26 occupations that are categorised under this stream. Candidate must have at least one year full time experience  within 5 years in any of the eligible occupations. Also keep in mind occupation-in-demand can be changed by Canadian federal government in any instance of time.

Candidate have to show their language proficiency in either English or French language in order to accept in the program. They must have to pass certain language examination that are recognised by the Canadian government. Candidate must have achieved a Canadian Language Benchmark(CLB) level 7 in all aspects of the examination(reading, writing, speaking and listening).

There are also two sub-categories in the express stream:

  • First, where candidate have a pre-job offer from the eligible employers in Nova Scotia province. It must also be supported by Labor Market Impact Assessment.
  • Second, candidate must have a minimum of one year continuous full-time work experience in last five years in any of occupation in-demand.

Some things are also to be check and candidate must not apply if they are any one of the following:

  • Not a citizen of the current country of residence.
  • Intends to work in jobs that is lower than NOC Level C or D.
  • Grand-parent, Spouse, Parent, common-law, or conjugal partner of a Canadian citizen or permanent residence.
  • Applicant under humanitarian and compassionate ground, a refugee claimant, or a failed refugee claimant.
  • Living in Canada illegally.
  • Working in a sales position based on commission.
  • Seasonal, part-time, or casual worker.
  • Unable to provide proof of the amount of funds required for application.

This stream allows skilled candidates that have worked for Nova Scotia employer for more than 12 months to become a Permanent Canadian Resident. There are some conditions that are to be met by the applicant and they are as follows:

  • Age must be between 21 and 55 years of age.
  • Must have a minimum of 1 year full-time work experience in Nova Scotia within last 3 years.
  • Gained the work experience with proper provincial work permits and authorisation.
  • Must have graduated from a Canadian high school or university, or a recognised educational institution abroad.(requires ECA)
  • CLB 7 for NOC 0 and A, CLB 5 for NOC B.
  • Must have demonstrated intention to live in the province and become economically settled in the province.

Now those candidates that should not submit their application under this stream are as follow:

  • Not a citizen of the current country of residence.
  • Intends to work in jobs that is lower than NOC Level C or D.
  • Grand-parent, Spouse, Parent, common-law, or conjugal partner of a Canadian citizen or permanent residence.
  • Applicant under humanitarian and compassionate ground, a refugee claimant, or a failed refugee claimant.
  • Living in Canada illegally.
  • Working in a sales position based on commission.
  • Seasonal, part-time, or casual worker.
  • Unable to provide proof of the amount of funds required for application.
  • Self-employer person or anyone intending to start a business in the province.
  • Individual living under the Caregiver Program.

This stream is the second most common stream in Nova Scotia PNP Program. This program allows employers to recruit from highly skilled and qualified foreign workers that are in limited supply in the province. There are also sub-categories based on the skills of the immigrants:

    • Skilled worker:  This stream is for skilled individuals with experience in NOC level o, A or B qualified occupations. Highest priority is given to these highly skilled workers.
    • Semi-Skilled workers: For individuals with experience in NOC level C classified occupations. All eligibility criteria must be met and candidate must have worked for Nova Scotia employer for minimum 6 months to be considered eligible.
  • Low-Skilled workers: For individuals with experience in NOC level D classified occupations. Same as above, they should have worked for Nova Scotia employer for minimum 6 months.

For all the above workers, there are some requirements that they all should met and they are as follows:

    • Proof of legal status if living in Canada.
    • Age between 21 and 55 years.
    • Full-time, permanent job offer form the province employers.
    • Completed at least high school level of education.
    • One year of relevant work experience.
    • Should meet language requirements.
  • Intention to live in the province.

  There are some conditions for the employers also and they are as follows:

    • Permanently established in Nova Scotia.
    • Must be in operation in province for 2 years.
    • Offered a full-time, permanent job to applicant.
    • Job location must be in the province.
    • Demonstrated efforts for to find qualified Canadian citizens for job position.
  • Job should meet salary and conditions set by Nova Scotia employment standards.   

This stream allows Nova Scotia employers the ability to recruit workers that are close relatives. They must have specific skill set that are difficult to find in Canadian citizens. Now, eligible relation in this stream are as follows:

    • Son or Daughter
    • Brother or Sister
    • Niece or Nephew
    • Uncle or Aunt
  • Grandchild

Step or half relatives of same degree are also accepted in this program.

Now, the requirements that are to be met by the applicant are as follows:

    • Legal status in country of residence.
    • Permanent, full-time job offer from Nova Scotia business that belongs to the family member.
    • Necessary education, training, qualification, and licensing/accreditation needed to perform the job.
    • Appropriate work experience for the job.
  • Intent to settle in the province.

Requirements to be met by the family business owner are as follows:

    • Canadian citizens or permanent residence.
    • Lived in Nova Scotia for two or more years.
    • Own at least 33.3% of business.
    • Maintain a financially viable business.
    • Job must not contravene bargaining agreements or labor disputes.
    • Applicant must contact a provincial certification organisation if the job requires certification.
  • Family business owner may not provide an application under the Family Business Worker stream more than once every two year.

This stream is one of the proposed stream that is under consideration and under development. The Nova Scotia Office of Immigration is currently conducting consultations for the proposed criteria that correlates the stream. The requirements so far are used to ensure that the applicant has a personal net worth of at least CDN $400,000 or that they will make a minimum equity investment of CDN $150,000. They will also be required to enter Canada on a two-year work permit to demonstrate their genuine intention in both living in and developing a business in Nova Scotia. All of these traits must be demonstrated before the applicant is nominated for the program.

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Nova Scotia Nominee Provincial Nominee Program Benefits:

The Nova Scotia PNP Program is designed to ensure that good people immigrant to the Canadian province. It helps fast track the immigration and employment of skilled workers that are desperately needed in key industries and employment sectors. By integrating with the new Citizenship and Immigration Canada online system, Express Entry Nova Scotia offers a fast and efficient method for people to immigrate to the province.

In fact, this is how the program most benefits individuals. It quickens the Permanent Resident process by more than half. Oftentimes, the first step, being nominated to the Provincial Nominee Program takes as little as three months. After this, the applicant must apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a Permanent Resident Visa. This second step generally takes about six months after receiving the nominee certificate. With the new Nova Scotia PNP Express Entry integration, immigrating to Canada’s “ocean playground” is more efficient than ever before.

The 2018 NSNP uses an EOI draw system to select the best qualified candidates and invite them to apply. Prospective immigrants who obtain a Nova Scotia nomination will then have a much better opportunity to be selected to apply for Canadian Permanent Resident Visas. Whether you are interested in Halifax immigration(Halifax is capital of Nova Scotia) or you would like to settle in a more quiet setting such as the Annapolis Valley, the Provincial Nominee Program Nova Scotia may be perfect for you.

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